Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of metals does Kelly Herd Jewelry use make their jewelry?

A: All of our silver jewelry is sterling silver or .925. For gold, we alloy our own gold jewelry, most gold is priced on our website for 14K yellow or white gold, however you can call and upgrade to 18K yellow or white gold for an additional cost.

Q: How do I care for my Kelly Herd Jewelry?

A: Because sterling silver jewelry has copper as part of its alloy to make it stronger it is also susceptible to tarnishing. To counteract this, we use Rhodium or Platinum plating on all of our sterling silver jewelry to protect each design and give each piece and lustrous finish. For sterling silver & gold you can wipe with a common polishing cloth. Do not use any harsh paste or abrasive. For built up dirt or cosmetics just wash in warm soapy water and pat dry and wipe with common polishing cloth.

Q: What type of stones are used in Kelly Herd Sterling silver jewelry?

A: We use simulated diamond, rubies, or sapphires depending on the color need for the design, some designs also use Swarovski Crystals

Q: What type of stones are used in 14K and 18K Kelly Herd Gold Jewelry?

A: We use natural conflict free diamonds and natural gemstones in all of our Karated gold jewelry

Q: What Does .925 or 14K or 18K mean in jewelry?

A: All of these marking describe the purity of the metals, .925 is a sterling silver marking that means that the sterling silver is made from 92.5% pure silver. 14K or .585 is a marking that means that the gold piece is 58.5% pure gold. 18K or .750 is a marking that means that the gold is .75% pure gold. All silver and gold jewelry is alloyed with other metals such as copper and zinc to give the jewelry strength. The higher the gold Karating number, the less alloy the jewelry will contain.

Q: What is the difference between Carat and Karat in jewelry?

A: The term Carat is used to define the weight of a stone. The term Karat is used to define the purity of the metal in jewelry.

Q: Does Kelly Herd Jewelry make custom designs?

A: Yes please contact us directly to discuss, we can make custom pieces for any occasions including engagement rings, memorials to loved ones, or a one of a kind piece for any occasion.